Our people are icons

Insight in the field of data‑driven projects provides the basis for a unique way of working with job applicants. Specialists from Simplity company are our expertise guarantors.

Tereza Mlynářová

Product Analyst

I was leaving my former job and looking for new opportunities. I didn’t really like anything I found, so my boyfriend joined the struggle and entered “analyst, data, Prague, interesting job and working abroad” into a search engine and Simplity came up. I sent them my CV and everything went smoothly from that point. I had a contract in front of me by the next week.

Torsten Priebe

Solution Architect

I’ve been working for large consultancies and technology vendors for many years, but Simplity is the most exciting opportunity that ever happened to me. Do you like working in an international environment with new challenges every day? Then this opportunity is also for you!

Stefan Ruhland

Business Consultant

On the one hand, my previous employer went through a difficult phase, resulting in gloominess and limited opportunities. On the other hand I realized that former colleagues who had joined Simplity earlier seemed to be very happy with this career move. One led to the other, and as I had always enjoyed working with those colleagues, I decided to join the team.

Stefan Markus

Technical Consultant

Experience from various projects showed me that usually the best results are achieved by smaller and highly skilled teams. So I was looking for a company that also follows this philosophy. Simplity offered the right environment to work with qualified teams in international projects.