We take care both of our people and of our clients. Our work is founded on long-term partnerships and we understand the importance of being in a positive long-term relationship.

Connecting specialists with companies

We focus on finding IT experts who are specialists in data‑driven companies. In addition to developers, DWH and BI solutions architects, we also work with consultants, testers, analysts, project management specialists and Java developers.

We offer services in a narrowly defined field in which we specialise. This enables us to find the appropriate specialist for a specific position.

Consulting and development of specialists

Our specialists have our support to grow. We utilize our team’s long‑term depth of experience in the areas of consulting, personal and professional development, career planning and through a programme of exclusive representation.

We wish to provide our specialists with the right space to develop, and with the precise means through which they may improve their specialist skills in an efficient manner.

Consulting and support for companies

We assist companies in discovering exactly the employees which they require – in other words, the keys to open the locks. That’s why we do not simply search through specialists – we also offer expert personal consultancy along with internal process and requirements analysis. It allows us to match companies successfully with the right specialists within a short timeframe.

We work towards satisfying both the employer and the employee, their mutual understanding and the fulfilment of their requirements.

Additional services for companies

We are only human. Even an excellent team can run into a crisis. In order to empower our partners to solve problems quickly and effectively, we also offer counselling and the services of mediation and outplacement.

We can solve work relationship related issues before they happen. If a problem has already arisen, we can mitigate its consequences.

Talent development

We seek experienced specialists, however we also train our own specialists. We work with IT students from related fields, we expand their talent and we enable them to work with professionals. ”We need to learn to walk before we can run…”

The world of data‑driven companies is dynamic, hence the growing need for specialists. We are constantly looking for ways to accommodate these enhanced requirements.


No need to buy a combine harvester when you only mow the lawn twice a year. Different projects require different approaches. When dealing with particular task exceeds the capacity of a project team, companies can often come to a halt. Occasionally, when it comes to short‑term activities, assembling an efficient project team can prove economically ineffective.

In such cases, for short‑term projects, we are able to assemble and lease a specifically defined team.