About us

At Iconity we solve issues relating to the lack of IT specialists in the field of data‑driven companies. This area is our speciality and we understand it. That makes us stand out from the other employment agencies.

Our work is founded on long‑term cooperation, which grows from long‑term satisfaction of all the participants. We only work with proven companies capable of offering an excellent working environment. All of this to ensure that our effort will result in real help, not in a pointless annoyance.

Our team

Adéla Šušlíková

Recruitment Specialist

I try to connect ideal candidates with ideal clients. My target is to find you a dream job.

Sára Podmolíková

Team Leader

I´m responsible for supervising, managing and motivating team members on a daily basis as well as communicating with candidates and our clients.

Jana Dalerová

Senior Recruitment Specialist

I help IT specialists, to become Icons in the DWH/BI area. Mainly I work on Austrian projects.

Eva Holmanová

Sourcing Manager

I help to seek new IT Icons and clients in the DWH/BI area.

Marek Kuchtík

Sourcing Manager

I connect professionals!

Nelli Bdojanová

Recruitment Specialist

I connect IT specialists with the most suitable positions so that both the client and the candidate are satisfied.

Anna Gabal'ová

Recruitment Specialist

I’m passionate about communication with IT specialist and our clients.

Hana Vašíčková

Data Protection Officer

Iconity s.r.o. Data Protection Officer is Hana Vašíčková, to whom data subjects can contact their questions, suggestions or when exercising their rights via the e-mail address: Hana.Vasickova@simplity.eu